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Holloween Party

On Monday, October 31, the Stratford Manor Clubhouse was transformed into a Holloween Spooktakular. A special thank you to Sharon Harlow for her expertise in spider webbing and decorating. We would also like to say thank you to Board Members Gretchen, Sister Mary, Nate and his wife Jean. We also thank many Co-owners and tenants for helping with the party by donating candy, paper products, baked goods or their time and talents. A great time was had by all!

It all started here!

It must be Holloween!

Someone is making a witch's brew!

Hey! There are with balloons too!

Where's the game?

Look at these party guests!

A true angel is here!

Return of the Jedi!

Don't get stung by that bumble bee!

What a smile!

What's that witch doing?!

Cutest bumble bee I ever saw!